This shape first appeared in the well-known Laureato laurel watch

A long, flexible central seconds hand follows the minute track on the flange precisely; the date is set at 6 o’clock. The dial of the Laureato Laurel Series Absolute Red Flame Watch is full of delicate texture and depth, just like the exquisite paintings of a master painter.This shape first appeared in the well-known Laureato laurel watch in 1975 and has been a replica watches dazzling highlight ever since.The dial of this latest watch is made of forged carbon, an ultra-modern material, and the production process is very time-consuming. The first is to cut the carbon fiber thread into sections, accurately weigh them, and then put them into the mold.

Next, the liquid resin is filled between the carbon fiber threads and placed in a high temperature and high pressure environment. The resulting material is then milled into the desired shape and thickness, replica rolex turning it into a strong and light dial. Since the carbon fiber threads are arranged randomly, each dial is unique.“Barton” style hour and minute hands with red needle tips, plus eye-catching red hour markers, full of agility and vitality.

Different from other Laureato Laurel Series Absolute fake watches, the new Red Flame Light does not use a “sandwich” dial structure, but uses a high-tech forged carbon surface as the background, and its randomly arranged patterns are all fascinating. , Eye-catching and charming. The hour markers are not fixed to the dial in the traditional way, but diverge from the flange around the dial Replica Watches UK to the center of the dial at a certain angle downward.